Bridgewater Retreat

The Trails

The trails at Bridgewater Retreat spread out over a very beautiful and unique property. This truly is a place like no other. To start your stroll there is a trail that reaches around the lodge to all the cabins and beach house studio. There are also trails leading to the Riverfront Log Home, the beach, the conservation area, as well as an upper and lower trail along the rock cliffs looking out over the mighty Skootamata Rapids. The views leave you breathless and feeling as if you're in a picture postcard.

The wildlife on the property consists of a wide range of animals including moose, deer, fox, rabbits, beaver, otter, eagles, hawks, herons and many more species of birds. Bridgewater is an oasis of wildlife, allowing all out guests a sneak peak at mother nature's wonderful creatures.



A relaxing adult Retreat ideal for overnight guests, workshops, seminars and special events.
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