Bridgewater Retreat

Things To Do - Onsite

Onsite: Take time to smell the flowers on the grounds or enjoy a walk along the trails exploring the marble quarts cliffs towering over the rapids of the Skootamata River. Extend your stroll by crossing the bridge into Price Conservation area where the old Saw Mills ruins stick up through the water offering a peek at a time long ago. After your stroll, maybe it's time to take a break and relax down at the beach under an umbrella. Once you've caught your breath, how about a pedal boat ride or take the canoe upstream for a peaceful journey to remember. Maybe fishing is next on the list or if you're getting warm, take a dip in the natural pool at the bottom of the rapids. Bridgewater is a place full of natural beauty and fantastic scenery with the rock formations, mixed forests, Skootamata rapids, natural sand beach & plenty of wildlife. Enjoy friendly conversations around the beach fire pit or your private fire pit at the Riverfront Home. All these things combined create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing getaway.

For your added comfort:
You may also wish to bring good walking shoes, your swimsuit & towel, a flashlight, bug spray and a good book. Special food requirements you may have can be kept in the mini-fridge in your cabin.




A relaxing adult Retreat ideal for overnight guests, workshops, seminars and special events.
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