Bridgewater Retreat


Bridgewater Retreat was originally named Schneider School of Fine Arts. The original founder's were Mary Schneider, Roman Schneider, Joicey M. Horne, H. Donald Langhorn, Q.C. Muriel Spitzer and Tom Wrigglesworth. The school was founded in 1963 and has continued to operate primarily as an Art School and Retreat. Through the years Bridgewater has played host to many other groups and special events.

The 1820's Log Home centrally located amongst the cabins was originally from the Queensborough area. The Riverfront 1850's log home comes from a property near Tweed built by the Rashotte family 1855.

These homes were moved and rebuilt on the property in 1962 by crews skilled in this kind of operation. The same crews erected the cabins which were purchased as kits from British Columbia. They were assembled in the spring of 1963 in preparation for the grand opening by the Governor General.

Take a class at Bridgewater or spend the night and experience the history for yourself.

A relaxing adult Retreat ideal for overnight guests, workshops, seminars and special events.
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